When Hen Day Falls Boring


As friends get married, often times a hen party is held. However, hen day ideas and games for hens are often difficult to think up without the same old things.

For hens party ideas that are creative, the Internet offers many solutions or you can get a few sexy ideas from XXX Bucks Parties in Sydney. A few include spins on drinks, snacks, games, and decorations.

One of the many hen day ideas out there is making Oreo pops. These are made by melting white chocolate, dipping the Oreos into the chocolate, and topping with rainbow sprinkles. Most of the ingredients are inexpensive, and the finished product looks professional.
cake pops
Another snack idea is taking small doughnuts (or doughnut holes) and turning them into engagement rings. This is done by gluing a large diamond print out onto a toothpick. The toothpick is put through the doughnut and voila! An engagement ring.

Ideas for games for hens are easy to come by too. For the bridesmaids and planners that have items in their closet that make them think “ugh, when will I wear this again”, the dinner rush game is perfect. Taking the oddest, silliest things from the back of the closet (that old top with the glitter that one bridesmaid never wears, a pair of heels eight inches tall that she never wears, and a fashion design class skirt gone awry, for example), the planner fills a suitcase. When it’s time to play, the bride-to-be is blindfolded. The trick is that a storm has passed through (though it doesn’t have to be played on a stormy day) and the bride has to get ready in two minutes!


Another game along the same silly line is the ice cube game. Freezing candy hearts into ice cubes the night before is the easy part. Remember not to crack the trays or pop out the ice cubes until it’s time to play can be difficult, but well worth it. After putting a cube into a cup for each guest, tell the guests that they cannot touch the ice cube to melt it. After a few moments, say that it hasn’t been specified which body parts cannot be used. Watch them move and groove to melt that ice!
Other hens party ideas for games include giving inanimate objects a name and writing classified ads; having the women kiss the groom and have him guess which came from his future wife and vice versa; and writing down each remark made as the bride opens her gifts only to use them at the end of the party and say that she will make each remark on her honeymoon.

Of course, ideas are not limited to the games and snacks. Others include making drink stirrers with tissue paper attached, using china and giving the party a tea party like feel to it, and making rose napkin holders. However, the sky is the limit and a trip to a flea market, auction, or thrift shop will help get the ideas in high gear when time is running low (especially if one of the above mentioned games is going to be played and the supplies are non-existent at someone’s home).

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