Hens Parties


Love Me Sew: Hens Party Ideas

Learn to sew at a sewing hen party, learn new skills, do something different and have tons of fun with your friends. Hens party ideas are not too difficult to come by, but it sure makes for a lot of fun when you get creative with the hen day ideas.You will be making something personal, special and useful for your friends, the bride and groom.


Fun Hen Do Activities Ideas Include:
Personalised Quilt for the Bride and Groom where each Hen can hand embroider a square, personalizing the each piece of the quilt.
Lace Knickers or Ruffle Pants, some cute lingerie
Make-up or Wash Bag
Tote Bags or Purse
Phone Case
Pillow Cover or Cushion, which can also be embroidered to personalise
Bunting for the Wedding Day
Favours for the Wedding Day


Here are some further hens party ideas to really get your creative juices flowing:

Fancy Pants – sew some fancy knickers for a fun and creative hen party.

1) Fabrics & pattern: Choices of fabrics will be laces and cotton prints. Look at different styles of patterns available for making some adorable fancy pants.

2) Cutting & laying: Fabrics are laid correctly for stretch or pattern. Cut out the shapes to make ready for sewing up.

3) Making and Sewing: Prepare the fabrics so that little stitching is required, simply sewing up a few seams to give the basic shape. The more novice sewers can create something fancy from little sewing, while those with more knowledge have the freedom to add and create something fantastic with a little more skill.

4) Create and personalize your look- make bows, ties for the sides, sew on sequins or ribbons and decorate those fancy pants!


Garters and decorations: This is a practical, fun and helpful idea for a great hen party.

1) Cut and create a garter for the bride. This involves some sewing with elastic and decorating with lace, bows, ribbons, and any other fancy notions desired.

2) This party can also involve creating pre-arranged wedding decorations or other items that will make the big day fabulous and unique. This might include table decorations, organza gift bags, bows or chair decorations.

Fabric Hats and Fabric Fascinators – This is a fabulous hair creations idea for a super fun and creative hen party. Everyone in the wedding party can create something fabulous for themselves for the wedding day. Even children can participate in these hen day festivities and projects.

1) Fabrics and pattern: Provide choices of simple hat patterns and shapes to make fabric fascinator for fabulous wedding accessories. Choose fabrics that are suitable for the designs selected.

3) Cutting and laying: Lay out fabrics and cut out the shapes. Next, pin and get it all ready for sewing.

4) Making and Sewing: Glue, sew, twist, turn and create to put the fabulous creations together.

5) Each can create their own unique look – make bows, sew on lace, feathers, sequins and ribbons!

What wonderful memories will be created with these fun hen do activities!